Jeralee & Aaron's Kent Outdoor Summer Wedding

I first met Jeralee and Aaron a couple of years ago here in Sheffield, where I was able to capture their love and excitement of becoming engaged to be married in a series of photographs. They were both studying in Sheffield at the time, so they chose a nearby location that they had been together previously which held some special memories for them.

Their Wedding day didn't come fast enough for them and they were SO lucky to have the gorgeous sunny weather that they had, so that they could exchange their promises in font of their guests outside in the most wonderful location down in Kent.

Scroll down to see their Engagement and Wedding Photographs and Aarons words about their special day!...


Aarons words about the day...

"Mark Twain said: The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

On our wedding day, we realised that we were experiencing the second of those days! From the moment we first met, we have been infatuated with one another and could not wait to get married one day... flash forward a few short years later and that day finally arrived.

Against the backdrop of the magnificent greenery surrounding the gazebo at The Orangery Maidstone, we were pronounced husband and wife and later sealed for time and all eternity in the London Temple. The feelings that day could not be expressed only through words, but were captured in the fantastic array of photos Helen took. We are eternally grateful to her creative abilities in presenting us with photos of our special day that will help us relive it throughout our lives. #eckeltwedding2016"