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The musings of Helen Rose the photographer and mum

Jen & Nicks Surrey Spring Wedding

Helen Rose

Where does the time go?! I just don't seem to be able to blog as often as I would like to as I am too busy photographing and working on the images afterwards to then get round to it! I suppose I shouldn't be complaining about that though! ;)

So this Wedding was back in April and held at a gorgeous Surrey hotel. It was so personal to the couple as it combined both the Bride's British traditions with the Grooms Swedish ones, to create a completely unique wedding. For instance, the group photographs of the family were taken before the wedding ceremony and the Bride and Groom actually walked down the isle together to be married as well as back up it! There was also a 'Best Woman' instead of 'Best Man' and an open floor mike after the traditional British speeches so anyone who felt like they wanted to share a few words and toast the Bride and Groom could! Jen and Nick also wanted everyone to enjoy their Wedding cake so had not one, not two but THREE Wedding cakes for all nationalities to enjoy, as well as some sparklers before the evening Reception. A truly individual day!!