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The musings of Helen Rose the photographer and mum

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Emily & Richard's Yorkshire Wedding

Helen Rose

"Autumn is the best time of year! The colours and the crisp air here in West Yorkshire appealed hugely to me when deciding on the date we were to marry.” I couldn't have worded it better myself... those changing colours captivate me every year!

I have known Emily since we were teenagers and was a little bit giddy when she asked me to be her photographer for her special day.

Emily and Richard were able to have the highly personal wedding they dreamed of, as they were able to involve many other skilled professionals who they also knew, making it all the more special for them.

They were SO much fun to be with and photograph. You can see how completely and utterly in love they are on their photographs and the very best part was that they laughed themselves silly from start to finish! Much love to them! xx